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Code of Conduct

1. Respect

We value all our users and respect any opinions and experiences that they choose to publish on We expect the same from our users. In our view, a respectful, polite form of communication forms the basis for the open exchange of experiences and recommendations. Any violation of, threat to or offence to the personal rights of others is not permitted on and will be dealt with immediately.

2. Misunderstandings

Opinions expressed in writing can be perceived differently from spoken conversation, especially by users whose first language is different from yours. Misunderstandings can easily occur despite good and well-meaning intentions. Please check your reviews and comments before you submit them, re-reading them with this advice in mind.

3. Open exchange

All opinions expressed on form an invitation to an open exchange of views and experiences. We hope that users will take advantage of this opportunity. If your views or experiences vary greatly from those of other users, we would ask you to express this in the form of your own review or as a comment in response to an existing review.

4. Owner reviews

Businesses have a range of opportunities to promote your company, including the facility to add a free description using the “claim listing” feature. Reviewing one’s own business as a private individual or under the guise of another identity is not permitted. Any obvious advertising references found in reviews or comments will be deleted immediately. Similarly, anyone reviewing businesses owned by friends, relatives or acquaintances are asked to make clear their relationship.

5. Critical reviews views every opinion as reliable. This also applies to critical opinions. therefore offers numerous ways to respond constructively to criticism.

Criticising a business on

a) Provided a user does not assert any false information or distribute abusive criticism, any form of authentic criticism is welcome and may be well founded. will only interfere with this freedom of expression if there is obvious commercial intent, if the review contains insults, offensive remarks or swear words, or if there is any other cause for possible legal consequences.

b) Please consider how to express your criticism carefully. E.g. even if you were annoyed by the waiter’s attitude, you may still have had a great meal. We ask that users remain objective and constructive in their postings. In this way, you give the business concerned the chance to avoid or improve their failings in the future. Prepare your review so as to make clear that it is your own personal opinion based on your own experience. Never repeat something you have simply heard second hand. Critical reviews on the Internet can have a serious impact as they are continually available for everybody to read. does not set out to damage anyone’s business.

Responding to criticism

If a reviewer has criticised your business, this does not automatically constitute offensive material. Every service provider can have an off day. Everyone has the opportunity to respond to situations and experiences that have been criticised. Please use the comments facility to post your response, to clear up misunderstandings and to turn an unsatisfied customer into a satisfied one. Regard a critical review as an opportunity to turn dissatisfied customers around before they complain to their friends and relations without you realising that there was a problem or having the chance to put it right.

These are a few suggestions on how a business might respond:

  • Encourage satisfied customers to express their views on The more positive reviews there are, the more relative a negative comment will seem.
  • Comment on the critical review, giving your business name as the sender – if nothing else this shows you care what your customers think.
  • Demonstrate that you are open to criticism. The way you deal with criticism says more about your business than the criticism itself!
  • Use the “claim listing” facility to write an accurate and informative description of your business – it’s easier for a local cafe or B&B to earn a 5 star review than a Michelin stared restaurant or Deluxe hotel, where impeccable service is expected every time.
  • Offer some form of compensation if you feel this is justified and would help your image.
  • If an error or misunderstanding has arisen, you will be able to use the system to send the author an email. Some things can often be sorted out quite easily by contacting an individual directly.

6. Report offensive materials and abuse

If you have come across an offensive posting, or a breach of our code, community principles, or rules, please do not hesitate to report this to us using the facilities provided. These reports will result in an automatic action being sent to the administrator responsible.

In each case, please state your reasons in full as to why the item in question breaches our basic rules. We will investigate every case in depth and will immediately delete the content concerned where the complaint is justified.

Threats or abuse in reviews, comments or emails in the system can result in legal or civil proceedings.

7. Don’t break the rules!

Any breach of the rules laid out here or in the Terms and Conditions will lead to the immediate exclusion of the individual, as well as the removal of any reviews and entries he/she has posted that we choose not to keep.

In cases of continued offensive, threatening, racist, sexist or libellous postings, or where material uploaded is in breach on any UK laws we may refer a posting, along with the reviewers’ personal details, to our legal team for further action if this is deemed necessary.

Code issued by:
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Company number: 6319973
Date issued: 14 August 2007