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With you can:

Find: Quickly find your favourite restaurant, hotel or shop, or all listings in your town.

Review: Tell other site users what you think of a place and add images you have taken while there; don't forget to give a star rating, 5 for excellent, 1 to avoid; and always follow our code of conduct.

Recommend: Email your friends about the great place you've just found.

Comment on reviews: All registered users can respond to a review using the comments facility, telling others if you agree with there opinion or not.

Sign-up: Before you can post a review or recommendation, claim a listing, or become an active member of this community you'll need to register - it's free and takes 30 seconds.

Add friends: Registered users can search for and add friends. In accepting a friend’s invitation both you and your friend get to share each others reviews.

Post in any language: You can post reviews and comments and add listing descriptions in any language; although you must always follow our code of conduct.

Report offending material: All registered users can report offending material, including reviews, comments and images. We take offending items very seriously and ask that you do the same; although also remember what offends you may not actually be offensive to others and might not be taken down.

As a business owner you can:

Add or Claim your listing: business owners can add or claim a free listing, allowing you to update the entry's details, position the map pin, upload photographs, add a web link, and a description. You will of course need to register before a listing can be added to your profile.

Comment on reviews: Owners, along with other users, can respond to reviews using the comments facility. If you’re the owner it’s advised that you identify yourself and be positive and polite - this is your opportunity to respond customers’ comments, good or bad.

Enhance your listing: provides a variety of ways to reach new customers. You can enhance you profile with a description, images or add a web link for free or sign up to one of our advertising packages – if the later interests you click here to download our advertisers pack.